Enhancing entrepreneurial ecosystems

We support ecosystems to achieve balanced and harmonic growth by enabling the setup and management of relevant entrepreneurship support value chains.


Our Services

Through our work we aim at enabling the balanced growth of territories and regions by providing support to accelerators, incubators, universities and other business intermediaries and ecosystem actors to tailor and run their activities and services more efficiently, while minimizing risk

Entrepreneurship Education

Generating entrepreneurial mindset within your team may be crucial to solve your challenges. Our experiential events and workshops about the entrepreneur’s journey, will show your team how entreprenuers think, talk and act.


Training is at the core of our values. Dynamically sharing experiences and practices is always challenging and stimulating.  Our training programs are designed to enrich the know-how and improve the capacities of startup enablers.

Program development

We support your organization and ecosystem in the design of the most appropriate entrepreneurship support programs, in full consideration of the challenges your local entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. 

Strategic growth

We provide support aimed at enhancing the performance of your program, by providing opportunities to grow your own network, building the right tooling that you need to operate efficiently and by conducting peer-review assessments of your program.

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