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We strive to achieve maximum impact for our clients and for the entrepreneurs they serve. 

Practice Over Theory

The Challenge

Strong entrepreneurial ecosystems are highly enriching to regions. They inspire people to create their own employment opportunities, create solutions that a region needs, teach valuable lessons about designing, failing and trying again in today’s fast changing world. However, global disparities persist, with some regions thriving in their support for local entrepreneurs while others lag behind. Models successful in developed regions often fall short when transplanted to less developed areas due to vastly different conditions. Effective solutions must be locally tailored, taking into account unique challenges and potentials to empower entrepreneurs to make meaningful impacts in their communities. 

The company

At H&D Partners SRL, we specialize in developing and implementing methodologies to empower local actors in organizing, designing, and executing customized entrepreneurship support programs. Our approach is guided by three core principles:

Practice over theory: We prioritize the establishment of continuous and hands-on, practical support for entrepreneurs, believing that day-to-day guidance is crucial for success.

Quality over Quantity: More than the number of programs, it’s the quality of the programs supporting local entrepreneurs that counts. More than the number of startups supported, it’s the quality of these startups that will make a difference in growing local economies.

Local over Global: While drawing inspiration from global experiences, we recognize the uniqueness of each region and the diversity of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our methodologies enable incubators and accelerators to tailor support programs to the specific needs and contexts of the communities they serve.

Quality Over Quantity
Local Over Global

The Services

Entrepreneurship Support Program Design: From concept to execution, we work hand-inhand with incubators and accelerators to develop and enhance programs that deliver tangible results. Our methodologies are proven to boost program effectiveness and sustainability, driving meaningful outcomes for both entrepreneurs and local economies.

Upskilling Talents: We are committed to empowering entrepreneurship enablers and coaches with the tools they need to thrive. Through our comprehensive training and coaching programs, we equip professionals with the skills and insights to excel in their roles, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building: Building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is about more than just institutions – it’s about fostering collaboration and synergy among all stakeholders. With our expertise in ecosystem development, we facilitate strategic partnerships and connections that unlock new opportunities for entrepreneurs and SMEs, fuelling sustainable growth and prosperity.



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“H&D Partners has been greatly supporting us in upscaling our business incubation operations in the past 5 years. We have contracted H&D Partners to carry out online and offline training activities for our staff. These included modules on business coaching, Incubator’s sustainability design, and service capability improvement. All participants have achieved a lot and our global performance has definitely improved. 

H&D Partners is also helping us to establish a cooperative platform with American and European partners and recruiting overseas entrepreneurial projects.

The focus of H&D Partners on business incubation and their capacity to open creative cooperation with partners within their network is strongly enhancing our growth.”

Daisy Dai
Daisy Dai
Director of the Incubator in the Shenyang Jianzu University

“H&D Partners is our go-to company whenever we are in need to foster incubation and entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean countries where we work. We have collaborated with H&D Partners on many occasions, and we are always very impressed with their dedication, their attention to details and with their capacity to adapt their content and methodology to the realities where we work. The use of the ESVC methodology is very valuable to us as it allows us to attain more concrete and sustainable results within our mission to promote, capacitate and improve young entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean basin.”

Damiano Petruzzella

“We partnered with H&D Partners to provide guidance to Centre Québécois d’Innovation en Biotechnologies (CQIB) to design the proposal of the acceleration program for companies in Bio-tech and Med-tech sectors. We were impressed by H&D Partners know-how and by their network of experts that contributed to the success of the proposal that was ultimately funded by the Government. H&D Partners demonstrated to have the capacity to work in synchronicity with us and our client CQIB, to quickly understand the need of your client and to work together to find common solutions”.

Francine Masson

“We’ve been working with HD Partners from the very beginning of our operations, when we were just launching IRIS Business Incubator. With their  support we developed our operational processes and procedures and designed our incubation programs. We were able to kick-start our operations according to international best practices and to launch a successful incubation program that we have been running up to now. We then collaborated with H&D Partners at a later stage as well, when we needed help in developing a sustainability strategy for the incubator. The insights provided by the experts and their attention to our context, have allowed IRIS BI to start a diversification process of its  sources of income and have greatly contributed its our financial sustainability.”

Narine Terzyan
Narine Terzyan
CEO of IRIS Business Incubator, Armenia


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