The Entrepreneurship Support Value Chain (ESVC)

Building an Entrepreneurship Support Value Chain that is customized to your region and type of startups that you support takes hard work, imagination and creativity. It also takes method. Our in-house methodology and resources, built through years of experience in how to breakdown sections of program improvement into addressable pieces, can help you construct your own solution in developing a sustainable and manageable entrepreneurship support program.

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While undertaking their personal entrepreneurial journey, startup founders and teams come across extensive challenges, which differ according to the phase they are in. Setting up the appropriate mix of services and activities to support them in this journey is the mission of any entrepreneurship support program, which, unfortunately cannot be just copied and pasted, as a large number of variables come into play. These relate most commonly to the typology of entrepreneurs a program is set to support and to the ecosystem where the program needs to operate.

Following the entrepreneurs’ characteristics and the ecosystem surrounding them, the ESVC methodology allows you to design proper support services, build efficient partnerships and design your own entrepreneurship support value chain, fully tailored to your context. 

The methodology has been designed through the collective effort of experienced practitioners, with concrete hands-on experience in building entrepreneurship support programs globally.


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Check out our toolset

Our toolset is designed to help you implement the ESVC methodology and to support you in building a great entrepreneurship support program.