Strategic Growth

As an entrepreneurship support program, your mission is to sustain your startups and SMEs who are constantly looking for opportunities to grow, by improving, diversifying and tailoring your service offer. We can help you by facilitating your efforts in placing your programs on the world map, by equipping you with the most appropriate tooling to run you program smoothly and by offering you opportunties for continuous improvement.

Putting your program on the world map

Do you feel the urge of learning what your peers do, and understand how well-operating programs have solved their own challenges?

Is your entrepreneurial community looking for chances to explore international markets?

Are you planning to open offices in other contexts?

Through our extensive network, we can introduce you to a variety of different global entrepreneurial contexts.  We can put you in connections with entrepreneurship programs in countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Gulf Region, Canada and Africa.


Assessing your program

Continuous improvement is a must, especially when implementing entrepreneurship support programs, where peoples’ dreams, lives and future are at stake. Yet, this is more easily said than done. 

Our network of practitioners can help you by conducting thorough peer-assessments, that will provide you with the insights of what elements of your very own program can be improved.

Equipping your program

If you are looking for legal solutions to set your program, we might have an answer for you. Whether you need to set up your constituent documents, draft service agreements with your clients, ensure compliance of your own projects to EU regulations, our experts can help you setting up and managing the processes.

Our experts have the ability to ensure the design of the legal matters that pertain to the management of your program, from contractual issues to HR management.